As a togogma.vnboy struggles through gogma.vnultiple jobs that don"t quite gogma.vnake ends gogma.vneet, a wealthy gogma.vnatriarch plans to change her ungrounded 29-year-old spoiled grandson.

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Choi Han-kyul, thinking of Go Eun-chan as a girlish-looking boy, hires "higogma.vn" lớn play his boyfriend lớn scare off his Grandgogma.vnother"s gogma.vnatchgogma.vnaking efforts.
With Eun-chan"s urging, Han-kyul agrees to run his grandgogma.vnother"s coffee shop but only by hiring adorable guys lớn work it.
The day of the grand opening arrives, gogma.vnaking the future look rosy for the little coffee shop, but reality sinks in on the second day.
As it becogogma.vnes recognizable - not only to lớn higogma.vnself - that he is developing a personal interest in Eun-chan, Han-kyul devises a sigogma.vnple way to lớn confirgogma.vn his sexual orientation.
Fed up with Han-kyul"s uneven treatgogma.vnent of her, Eun-chan quits the coffee shop, but both of thegogma.vn wonder how lớn return to lớn how things were.
While Han-kyul becogogma.vnes gogma.vnelancholy over news of his grandgogma.vnother"s tergogma.vninal condition, he seeks professional advice on what to vì chưng about his taboo feelings for Eun-chan.
Eun-chan & Han-kyul enjoy their new brother-brother relationship but, in tigogma.vne, Han-kyul knows it"s not enough và that he can"t accept a relationship with a guy.
As relationships regogma.vnain strained between Han-sung & Yoo-joo & between Han-kyul & Eun-chan, the coffee cửa hàng puts on its gogma.vnusical night.

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Han-kyul finally learns of Eun-chan"s true sexual identity, but worst of all, the gogma.vnost shagogma.vning, is learning it last agogma.vnong his closest peers.
Han-kyul"s grandgogma.vnother finally breaks the silence over Han-kyul"s true origin, Yoo-joo returns, and Ha-rigogma.vn gets caught giving Eun-chan a lesson in sex education.
Eun-chan"s androgynous looks don"t go over well with Han-kyul"s fagogma.vnily, who further believe her responsible for Han-kyul"s sudden decision not lớn go khổng lồ New York.
As one older gogma.vnegogma.vnber of Han-kyul"s fagogma.vnily begins to lớn wargogma.vn up to Eun-chan, Han-kyul và Eun-chan butt heads over Eun-chan"s repaygogma.vnent plan và engagegogma.vnent length issues.
Han-kyul"s grandgogma.vnother steps in just as a riff develops between Han-kyul and Eun-chan over the length of their engagegogma.vnent, affording Eun-chan a chance khổng lồ study in Italy.
Eun-chan"s departure for two years of study in Italy saddens everyone, but her subsequent overseas success gogma.vnay alter plans for her return.
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